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Western / European Wedding

We wish we would have so many traditions as the Arabs, Asians or the Persians have! But if you are looking to incorporate any of the Hungarian old traditions into your wedding we can help you with that too. To start with Hungarian traditions we like to drink palinka before we sit down to our feast or we fancy having a greasy bite just after midnight. Our favourite is the bridal dance just before midnight when the bride has to dance with each and every guests for a few seconds while the guests contribute some notes or coins to the new life of the couple. Then the bride is stolen by the friends’ of the groom who can only “get back” his wife when fulfils one or two of the tasks such as singing, dancing, drinking champagne from the shoes, etc.

Hungarian brides usually change into a red dress after midnight when they are no longer a bride but a new woman, a wife. These are only some of our traditions but yours are also more than welcome when you come and celebrate your wedding in Budapest / Hungary with your guests and your loved ones. We know that Brazilians like to keep the vibe as long as they drop and we have seen some Norwegian couples with hours of speeches too but when it comes to Chinese weddings you do not need to explain what the tea ceremony is. Convinced? Then give us a line and let’s plan your wedding together!