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Looking for a superb venue of your dream wedding?
We collected them for you.


On this page we are going to give our recommendations for the best wedding venues in Budapest, should you have a specific requirement, we are also ready to assist you. Choosing the right wedding venue is a difficult task and requires expert local knowledge. We are going to provide you the most romantic and sought after venues you can dream of in Budapest.

When planning your wedding it is advised to start with booking your venue of your dream wedding, since popular venues get booked as early as six months to one year in advance.

As a first step, we recommend you to decide on the followings:

How many guests would you like to welcome at your wedding party?

What style of wedding venue is in your dreams? (city, countryside, indoor-outdoor, restaurant or hotel, rustic or modern, ect.)

Do you require accommodation around the wedding venue? If yes, then how many rooms will you require?

When you came up with the answers to these basic questions, then you will be able to shortlist to 10 – 12 venues from the many possibilities available in the city.

Our team is here to assist you from the first step to the very last touches. For your information we also collected the venues which are the most romantic and sought after in the city. You can browse them through below and get more information by clicking on the pictures. Or if you have a specific idea and your don’t find it here, just send us an e-mail and we will be glad to suggest options for your wedding venue.

Have you fallen in love with any of the venues?

We are glad to present it, show you around, while discussing details and helping you to make smart calculations and good decisions. If you already have a specific idea, or just a few questions, regarding wedding venues, please contact us at our request form!

The Best Ones

Budapest has what it takes to make your special day unforgettable for your guests. Historic venues, ballrooms with views overlooking the river Danube, to exhibition halls in the Castle Garden for your very big weddings. The best wedding venues including the Buda Castle – Savoy Terrace, Buda Castle – Lion’s Court, Kiscelli Museum, Vajdahunyad Castle, Railway Museum, Marriott Hotel Ballroom, Corinthia Hotel Ballroom (perfect for Sangeet or Mehendi), Monte City Casino (ideal for Sangeet), Fisherman’s Bastion, Kiosk Restaurant (ideal for Sangeet or Mehendi), and boat options for your pre or post wedding day activities.

Agricultural Museum
Boat Cruise
Savoy Terrace
Buda Castle – Lion’s Court
Corinthia Hotel
Dory Villa
Fisherman’s Bastion
Four Seasons
Kiscelli Museum
Lake Balaton
Marriott Hotel
Nadasdy Castle
Pronay Castle
Wenckheim Palace
Brody Studio
Amber Bride
Haris Park


If you are thinking about planning a destination wedding you will need to make sure you will be able to accommodate all your guests. For this you might need around 100 – 200 rooms. Hotels usually cannot give all their rooms for a single group, because they have other commitments, contracts too and are selling their rooms on different channels at the same time. But in Budapest hotels are large enough to accommodate for even this number of rooms if you are planning a destination wedding well ahead of time (6-9 months upfront). The best wedding hotels, with the most experience, are the Kempinski, and the Corinthia Hotel, but if you are looking for a higher category then the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace would be excellent choices too. Budapest is famous for its nightlife, hot thermal baths, scenic views, great Hungarian wines and its affordable prices make it a great wedding destination.