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Birthday Planning

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Birthday Planning

Party Planning

Our main focus is on family and social events which include weddings, engagements, proposals, birthday parties or wedding afters, pre or post-event activities however we are happy to fulfill any corporate requests as well should you be interested. Most of our clients coming from overseas whether they are partly related to Hungary or no connection at all. Beside our destination couples, we welcome Hungarian brides and grooms too if they find our style close to their personality. No matter what the occasion is, where you are coming from we have a solution to all of you! In this section, you can also read more information on what services we can help you with.


By the time you get to this point, you are pretty sure we are good at what we are doing and we really are full-time social event fanatics. So we do everything that involves planning but we only offer full packages when we can plan, execute, coordinate from the beginning until the very end. Unfortunately, we do not provide onsite coordination only and we do not sell service providers individually but we can create a whole concept from the very early stage of the planning until the last guest leaves. In the past few years two or even three-day celebration has become very popular and for them, we can offer plenty of pre and post event activities, help them to enjoy their time in Hungary to the fullest.


The most important and sometimes the most inconvenient part of wedding planning is that you have to set a budget. We understand that every couple would like to get the best deals for their money but you need to have a certain amount in your mind that you can allocate on your wedding day. Do not be afraid of sharing this number with us as according to the given budget we will be offering you the right suppliers or tell you if the amount is reasonable or you need to think about it again. As experienced wedding planners, we know some tips how to save you here and there which we gladly share with you once you hire us as your wedding planner.


To pick the right venue is at least as important as to set the budget. After we sign the contract we start looking for the venue of your dreams. Under the venues section, you can read more about our preferred places, regions or cities but we always keep our eyes open to see what new is on the market to know what to suggest to which client. When you come to Budapest you can expect five-star hotels, open-air spaces, ruin pubs, restaurants, museums, ballrooms or libraries which are elegant enough to throw a magical destination wedding or event. The countryside also offers a lot from vineyards to cozy rural chic cottages, lake view venues to chateaux or rustic gardens to more traditional venues. Whatever your choice is make sure you and your guests feel comfortable with your selection.


When it comes to destination wedding or event, clients want to deliver to their guests a lifetime experience, something that they either have not seen before or will not see back home. Whenever you choose a destination do not forget that the destination itself is the main theme. As for the trend of 2018 vintage is still very popular but the year of 1940’ or 1960’ is on trend with the old Hollywood Glamour too. The muted and softer colors with airy images, smaller items on tables are also getting more and more attention. In this year we can experience more rustic, organic as well as industrial weddings too.


From our previous experience we can tell that on average you can expect to spend 50% of your wedding budget on food and drinks but when we get to pick the right menu we are always there to help you find what most of your guests will enjoy. Month or weeks before the wedding day, we advise you to put together the menu and let us organize a meal tasting for you. On the meal tasting, you can tell us what you liked and what needs to be changed. There are several dinner types our client can choose from which are seated dinner, buffet or family style. Most venues offer all but if you are struggling to pick a 5-course meal then go for the buffet. Sometimes buffet dinner can be cheaper, selection of food is more attractive and every guest can find whatever they like. As per the drink packages you also have to see if you can afford to provide spirits all night long or you are rather comfortable to pick the wine and beer package. Some of our clients choose the wine and beers then request to have a few extra bottles of spirits additionally.


We can see more and more inspiration from Pinterest but before sending us tons of pictures of your preferred flowers, the colors and all those lovely props stop for a moment and think. Hungary is not a Mediterranean country which means most of the time we have to order the flowers from Holland. Yes, we have seasonal flowers but as they are seasonal they do not grow in every corner each day of the year. Just to mention one example, if you want to have peonies on your August wedding expect to spend more. Most of the time we ask our clients to send us some inspiration and see how much they want to spend on the decor. According to the decor and props budget we tell what we can make real in the same concept. But if you want exactly the same decor as on the pictures you are sharing with us, then don’t be surprised once the price reaches the sky.


Some venues can offer the cake complimentary as a gift but if not we are working together with the best cake shop in Budapest that can cater to your wishes. You can decide if you want to have the cake huge and decorative or you would rather go with a smaller one which is tasty and looking nice. If you want to spend less we often suggest having the wedding cake at the end of the dinner which means you don’t need to order dessert from the venue or from the catering company. Or have a symbolic cake for the two of you and order small cupcakes, macarons, sweets and design a best seller cake table to the guests.


We believe that all printing materials such as invitation card, menu card, seating card, seating map play an important role in setting the tone and theme for the actual wedding. Think of it as setting the stage for what is to come later at the main event. We are working with amazing creative designers who have an eye for out-of-the-box and unique wedding printings and we are more than willing to share their gorgeous work ideas with you!


We cannot highlight enough how important is to pick the right photographer and/or videographer. This will be your one and only memory of the wedding. Under the video menu, we suggest to try and stretch the budget as much as you can to fit the videographer as well but we understand if some clients are on tighter funds. In this case, we recommend to rather go with a true professional photographer and skip the videographer completely than pick two average suppliers. When choosing your photographer ask him or her to show you a complete wedding from the preparation until the end rather than taking a look at the collection of the best pictures. Also, ask yourself what is more important for you. Do you prefer airy images or you love the vibrant colors, maybe the creativity is what you are looking for?


Your dream wedding needs to be something that your guests would long talk about. While the décor, the food, and beverages may be crucial factors in hosting an unforgettable event, keeping your guests entertained is yet another equally important element that needs to be considered! Fun, exciting and anything but the ordinary is just some of the things that can be said about the wedding entertainment packages we provide our clients with. During the ceremony, if that is not in a church we suggest something classical while some quiet background music could do well during dinner. To be on the more reasonable budget DJs can create a wild party but if you are fancy a mind-blowing night a well-chosen band is highly recommended.


This is something normally clients have no clue about but that’s ok as this is what we are here for. To create a wow effect not only the perfect decor is needed but professional audiovisuals such as sound and lighting system as well. Once the venue is chosen we can design you the perfect LED mood, decor or disco lights, smoke machine or stage for your beloved entertainers or bands. But we can also come up with ideas if you want to keep it simple and moderate.


When we organize larger scale of events the extra manpower is always essential especially if the event is taking place at the most prestigious venue at the Savoy Terrace. But when we are planning an event with VIP guests as well on the list the security personnel cannot be left out either and they will make sure that your party is not interrupted by curious eyes.


Wedding planners universally understand the importance of hospitality. Having been in this field since 2008 and having worked with some of the major five-star luxury hotels in Europe as well as in Hungary, it is safe to say that we know exactly how being hospitable can be a deciding factor between an average and an outstanding event. Our hospitality management desk can help you host a wedding that goes smoothly from start to finish but can assist you with booking hotels and transfers, managing their trips, tracking records of the chosen meals, helping with the checking in process, coordinating hair & make-up appointments or sari pressing.