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Arabic Wedding

We are among those lucky wedding planners in Hungary who have ever organized Arabic weddings therefore we understand what the Kosha element is. However in Hungary please do not expect us to show you large catwalk designs from our previous works as most of our Arabic couples who have come to wed in Europe requested something different from what they had seen before. This does not mean we cannot fulfil your request but so far we did not have the chance to bring truly traditional Arabic wedding to Hungary. As we are operating outside of Hungary, at other destinations as well we exactly know what the ladies wedding mean, what the customs are or how people celebrate.

We also know that Arabic weddings are big, elaborate and fun so no wonder why we love every minute of it. For us this is another level in wedding planning which we adore to deal with. If we ever get the opportunity to organise an Arab wedding we take advantage of the moment or consider it as the whole new level of experience. The Arab culture is full of expression, symbolism and we see how important the family is. So if you are thinking of bringing your guests to Hungary then we are the planners you are looking for as we can provide you not only the greatest cold or hot mezze but also an Arabic DJ, Kosha or catwalk design with hanging decors or anything that is essential to throw a fabulous Arabic wedding.