Budapest's Rise as a Premier Wedding Destination:


Kiosk Welcome Night

26th June 2023

In this season, we have had the honor of not only organizing one but three grand Indian weddings. We are thrilled to share the details of one of these extraordinary weddings – an experience that was not just unconventional but also elevated Budapest to its rightful place as a top wedding destination. This achievement was the culmination of 15 years of dedicated nation-branding efforts, and we take immense pride in being an integral part of the extensive preparations for the largest of the three celebrations.

The first day of Alia and Lakshay’s big fat Indian wedding as even Conde Naste India is referring to took place at the Kiosk restaurant this summer, in June. The first evening was a welcome day, and the entertainment was truly enchanting with the Mirror Man's mesmerizing performances accompanied by live electronic violin music by a famous Hungarian violin player Izsak Farkas. The hospitality for the event was masterfully handled by the collaborative efforts of Michelin Star Diva Catering and the Kiosk restaurant in a local market-inspired set-up. Their exceptional teamwork presented a diverse culinary experience, featuring Japanese, Indian, Hungarian, and Italian cuisines, along with an array of delightful desserts, Dom Perignon champagne, and the most delectable cocktails straight from London that gave an international touch to our festivities. In front of the Kiosk, the World famous Indian wedding planner and designer team the Wedding Design Company envisioned a monochromatic world with a central bar as the focal point, setting the stage for an unforgettable first night filled with bubbly excitement. As the night unfolded, our bride, Alia, and groom, Lakshay, were welcomed by the jaw dropping performance of American singer Sonna Rele.

The Kiosk venue, both inside and out, underwent a stunning transformation, making it unrecognizable as it turned into a mini Dubai-style entertainment hub, complete with all its grandeur. With soothing background music in the indoor area and renowned DJs taking the stage, it felt like the first day of a Tomorrowland festival.

The celebration continued until 2 AM, at which point guests were invited to carry on the afterparty at the Ritz Carlton Budapest hotel that lasted until 5 AM. It was an unforgettable night filled with joy and love, and we couldn't have asked for a more spectacular start to our Indian wedding festivities.