The Best Castle Wedding Venues in 2022

January 6, 2022

Your wedding is a day you’ll never forget. So why settle for a stereotypical wedding? Your wedding should be your opportunity to break out of your comfort zone, become a new person and emerge from the king or queen you are.

The best place to experience true wedding magic is in a castle.

A castle wedding isn’t designated for fairytale princesses or royal families. You can say your “I do’s” in a historic castle — whether you’re in a different country or even in your own home.

Here’s your guide to the best castle wedding venues in 2022.

1. Buda Castle

In the heart of Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is the Buda Castle. Ever since 1265, the Buda Castle has remained a landmark for Hungarian royalty. Today, the Buda Castle is open to the public and is a sought-after destination for castle weddings.

The Buda Castle has two extravagant parts for weddings: the Savoy Terrace and Lion’s Court.

The Lion’s Court is an outdoor court that’s surrounded by the castle walls, and the Savoy Terrace is the outdoor terrace is in the castle. Many couples host both spaces for their weddings.

Buda Castle Wedding

2. Clearwell Castle

In England’s Gloucestershire county, you’ll find Clearwell Castle. If you’re looking for a fairytale castle wedding, this castle is the perfect wedding venue.

Clearwell Castle sits in the Forest of Dean, which is one of the most enchanting forests in England.

Clearwell Castle is also famous for their ballroom. This ballroom looks like a scene out of Cinderella. Arched windows grace throughout the walls, wood tiles match with cream walls, and dozens of tables and chairs scatter the floors.

This ballroom can easily turn into a wedding reception room, where a DJ can play and neon lights glow throughout the ballroom.

Clearwell Castle Wedding

3. Leeds Castle

Another famous English castle is Leeds Castle. Located in Kent, this castle will transport you back in time. Leeds Castle sits on acres of parklands and gardens and is surrounded by a moat.

For 900 years, Leeds Castle has been the destination for kings and queens and lords and ladies. This makes Leeds Castle a romantic wedding venue, but also a historic one.

When you have your wedding at Leeds Castle, you truly don’t have to lift a finger. The castle has their own wedding coordinators, a butler, caterers, and florists.

Leeds Castle Wedding

4. Hever Castle

Leeds Castle isn’t the only iconic castle in Kent. Hever Castle is best known for being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. It’s also one of the most majestic castles in the world, making Hever Castle perfect for a wedding.

Hever Castle is known for its massive size. Hever Castle hosts a country house in the Astor Wing, the Guthrie Pavilion overlooks a lakeside scene, and there’s the legendary country estate.

In addition to weddings, a myriad of parties and events are hosted at Hever Castle.

Hever Castle Wedding

5. Cluny Castle

Traveling outside of England to Scotland, you’ll find the legendary Cluny Castle.

If it wasn’t for its reputation, Cluny Castle would be a hidden gem in the world.

Cluny Castle is situated in Aberdeenshire, hidden behind hundreds of acres of trees. Its seclusion is one of the many reasons why Cluny Castle is perfect for a wedding.

Cluny Castle dates back to the 14th century. The castle has its own chapel that seats 100 guests. If you would prefer to say your vows elsewhere, the castle grounds are also a famous spot for the ceremony.

Cluny Castle Wedding

6. Pendennis Castle

Another famous English castle is Pendennis Castle. Pendennis Castle was built during King Henry VIII’s reign, in the 1540’s. This castle was built for Cornwall’s safety, to ensure so intruders broke in.

Pendennis Castle is surrounded by sea, which is a favorite wedding backdrop for couples. If you prefer an inside ceremony, the Castle Keep is also a favorite ceremony setting.

A wedding at Pendennis Castle is truly unique. This castle has a rich history that’s perfect for a wedding, big or small. Staff can fire historic guns after the ceremony. There’s hospitality willing to cater to your every need.

Pendennis Castle Wedding

7. The Atrium at Clitheroe Castle

Clitheroe Castle is an incredible sight, but The Atrium is all a couple needs to hold the most extravagant wedding.

The Atrium takes a combination of history with modern charm.

The reason why many couples choose The Atrium for their wedding destination is its versatility.

The Atrium offers a variety of wedding packages to suit each couples’ needs. These options even boil down to dinner: you can choose a classic tea package, or you can pig out on some barbeque.

Clitheroe Castle Wedding

8. Lympne Castle

Lympne Castle is an award-winning castle located in Kent. Lympne Castle is set in a classic country location; the castle is on a hilltop, overlooking the Romney

Marshes. Lympne Castle was built in the 13th century and hosts a plethora of weddings, functions, and corporate events.

Lympne Castle is truly majestic. Stone walls and medieval architecture prove this castle is like no other. But Lympne Castle is inviting enough to feel like home.

But the staff and their incredible services are why Lympne Castle won Heritage Venue of the Year in 2014.

Lympne Castle Wedding

9. Berkeley Castle

There’s no castle more picturesque than Berkeley Castle. Berkeley Castle is the castle you always dreamt of. The castle is large with stone walls. The inside looks like a medieval paradise with mosaic tile windows, and arched ceilings.

But Berkeley Castle has an incredible staff that’s willing to cater to all of your needs.

You can use the entirety of the castle for your wedding and there is a myriad of different ways the castle staff can fulfill your desires.

Do you want to spend more time in the castle, or offer more benefits to your guests? Berkeley Castle even offers castle tours.

Berkeley Castle Wedding

10. Highcliffe Castle

If you want a castle wedding but aren’t fond of the medieval period, consider Highcliffe Castle as your destination.

Highcliffe Castle is one of England’s most luxurious castles. It is famous for its incredible architecture — the castle features Romantic and picturesque architecture, making it truly luxurious.

Highcliffe Castle is also on a premiere destination. English greenery surrounds the castle, or you and your guests can take a stroll to Dorset beaches.

Highcliffe Castle has attracted a myriad of prestigious guests, including legendary retailer Mr. Selfridge.

Highcliffe Castle Wedding

11. Alnwick Castle

One of the most versatile castles in England is Alnwick Castle. This large castle is the seat of the Duke of Northumberland and was built after the Norman conquest. Since then, it has been renovated to preserve its immense beauty.

It’s currently the second-largest castle in England, following Windsor Castle.

Alnwick Castle is your fairytale castle. You can walk down fields of green, stroll on cobblestone walkways, have romantic moments under stone archways, host your ceremony in their gorgeous chapel and dine in their luxurious dining hall.

Alnwick Castle Wedding

12. Bickleigh Castle

Bickleigh Castle is one of England’s most popular castle wedding venues. Located in Devon, this castle paints the most picturesque scene. Bickleigh Castle was built in the 11th century and holds so much history.

The castle is situated on lush greens filled with vibrant flowers and gardens.

Moats, stone archways, and tall gates give this castle its classic appeal. While many aspects are renovated, you can enjoy 11th-century beauty such as its old fireplace and windows.

This castle is also secluded, thanks to its famous motte. You and your guests will enjoy the lovely scenery while in privacy.

Bickleigh Castle Wedding

13. Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle is one of the most famous and historic castles in Scotland. It’s a 5-star castle and the whole castle will be yours during the day of your wedding.

Dundas is known for having an incredible staff. If you’re worried about marriage legalities, Dundas has a staff of experts so all civil ceremonies are arranged and executed in the castle.

You also create a personal menu and meet with the head chefs prior to your wedding.

Do you think you and your guests will party too hard? Not a problem — the castle has 17 rooms available, so you and your guests can reserve a room for the night.

Dundas Castle Wedding

14. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is one of the most historic castles in England.

It was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068. Warwick Castle is perfect for the couple who wants a wedding to remember. Warwick Castle hosts their own bird of prey and knights in shining armor.

But don’t think this castle doesn’t offer beauty.

Warwick Castle has an incredible dining area filled with swords and shields. Warwick Castle is also famous for its peacock gardens; peacocks make their home in lush greenery, grass sculptures, and extravagant waterfalls.

Warwick Castle

15. Strawberry Hill House

If you want to get married in London, there’s no better place than Strawberry Hill House. In 2016, this adorable wedding venue won “London Romantic Wedding Venue of the Year.” This gothic castle was built in the 18th century but has since been renovated to be a classically modern staple in London.

This castle is fully white and features the best of gothic architecture. Ruby walls are met with golden canopies and vaulted ceilings.

You can hire your own staff or use accommodations from Strawberry Hill House staff, which includes civil licenses.

Strawberry Hill House Wedding

16. Le Gothique

If you want another London castle wedding option, opt for Le Gothique. This castle hosts a bar, restaurant, and garden in addition to a wedding venue. This venue offers many accommodations, including a Rolls Royce.

This venue also comes with a history.

This building was built in 1857 and was an orphanage for children whose fathers died during the Crimean War. Eventually, the building turned into a hospital for WWI soldiers and a detention center during the WWII period.

Today, this incredible building is a premiere wedding venue that offers an amazing bar and delicious French cuisine.

17. Lyndhurst

Let’s take our castle wedding venues across the pond to America. These castles are made to emulate royalty, and that’s the case for the Lyndhurst mansion. Lyndhurst is one of America’s most famous castles.

This New York castle overlooks the Hudson River and is famous for its rose garden.

This castle was modeled after gothic architecture with design features that include stone walls, arched windows, and minor features such as turrets.

In addition to weddings, Lyndhurst is a popular destination for other events such as corporate events.

Want more out of your Lyndhurst visit? The mansion staff offers additional amenities including guided tours.

Lyndhurst Castle Wedding

18. Rosecliff Mansion

You’ll never find a mansion in America as legendary as Rosecliff Mansion. This extravagant mansion was featured in films such as The Great Gatsby and 27 Dresses.

Rosecliff Mansion also offers a fairytale wedding. They host a large ballroom that’s right out of a fairytale scene. There’s even a heart-shaped staircase, perfect for photo ops.

Rosecliff Mansion Wedding

19. OHEKA Castle Hotel & Estate

OHEKA stands for the man who built this mansion, Otto Herman Kahn.

OHEKA Castle is the second-largest residence in America. This mansion is modeled after French architecture and has 126 rooms. It’s currently being restored and has an incredible wedding venue.

OHEKA Castle Wedding

20. Pythian Castle

This castle looks like American royalty. Built in the early 20th century, Pythian Castle is 40,000 square feet in size. It was owned by both the Knights of Pythias and even the U.S. military.

Today, Pythian Castle is the perfect wedding venue. There are full amenities and a stunning location for the ceremony and reception. There’s a theater and ballroom decorated in pure royal style.

But be careful if you stay the night — the castle is haunted!

Pythian Castle Wedding

Have A Luxurious Castle Wedding

Whether you’re in Europe or America, a castle wedding is the ultimate way to say “I do.”

If you always wanted that fairytale wedding, these wedding venues can make your dream a reality. Lush gardens, incredible chapels, and exquisite ballrooms can create a wedding scene from a book.

Feel free to look into more amenities these castles offer. They include tours, overnight stay, even ghost tours and jousting.

Are you set on an affordable Castle wedding in Hungary? Let us help you plan your wedding.