Jess and Christian Wedding Photography

The wonderful journey with Jessica and Christian started at the very beginning of January 2018 when they contacted us from Australia and asked our help to organize their beautiful wedding for May 2019. Both of them have a connection to Hungary, and it was their dream to have their wedding in Budapest, even they knew that they won’t be able to travel here before the wedding.

After the first few emails, I already felt that they have 100% trust in our team which is usually really hard to reach when the couple lives on the other side of the world and haven’t even met you in person.

Jessica and Christian Wedding Planning

With this trust, the entire wedding planning was easy and smooth and we got to know each other during those months that made me feel like I was planning a wedding for my close friends. This process resulted in a fairytale wedding of the newlyweds, and it was truly a pleasure to be part of it.

Jess wore a wonderful, tailor-made dress designed by her friend, and they said ‘yes’ in the exceptional Matthias Church. The traditional Hungarian wedding dinner in the Corinthia Hotel was the highlight of the night with the Dobos cake which was a special request by the Bride’s Mom. They have celebrated with their close family & friends who have traveled from all around the world to Budapest and finished the day in Australian style- with an unforgettable party.

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