A Wedding in Balaton – Eszter and David

Undoubtedly Lake Balaton area is one of my favorite places in Hungary when it comes to celebrations. The moment when you leave behind the busy capital city and head straight to the Hungarian sea is just simply relaxing even when you are getting ready for the most precious day(s) of your lives, your wedding.

And what else can be more beautiful than the lake? The autumn wedding, the changing colors of nature, the breathtaking sunsets, which shines brighter than the hot summer evenings or when you feel the tepid breeze on your skin. The Balaton area is quiet enough to throw a purely intimate family gathering when tourists are already back at home and the small villages are about to take a winter “nap”. But before that, there are quite a few weekends when time slows down and you can enjoy not only the hospitality of the vinery owners but also the company of your loved ones.

Eszter and David

In my eyes, Eszter and David’s wedding weekend was just perfect. Having looked at the pictures I feel lucky enough that I got “free hands” from the bride. I cannot emphasize how easy wedding planning could be if we have trust from the couple and everybody can focus on what they are good at.

And believe it or not, I have a scenario in my head. As long as you are easy-going and nice, ready to take advice from your supplier and you don’t become a bridezilla at the end of the planning stage, God will honor you with fairy lights, good weather, excellent outcome. Do you need more than that? No, right?

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