Why Are More People Having Their Wedding in Hungary?

More People Having Their Wedding in Hungary? Do you dream of having your wedding in a European destination filled with romance, beauty, and intrigue?

That dream can be a reality with a beautiful wedding in Hungary – the type of destination that will surprise you in what it offers to fulfill your wedding dreams.

Why is Hungary an Attractive Wedding Destination?

Budapest, the pearl of the Danube, is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Hungary. It’s the ultimate place for your wedding and offers a perfect backdrop for elegance and privacy.

Tourism is strong in Hungary, a Central European country that gushes history and culture. In 2016, the Central European country welcomed more than 11.4 million visitors.

More and more couples are planning their wedding in Hungary. The country offers extraordinary venue styles, from castles and palaces to lakeside resorts and enchanting cities. There are even hot springs and medieval bathhouses.

Wonderful memories and fabulous photo shoots can be created in this exciting destination that touches all the senses, whether it be strolling through the beautiful capital city of Budapest or visiting picturesque villages and towns.

What Makes Hungary a Great Wedding Destination?

You have a plethora of choices, from the most beautiful outdoor setting to an elegant ballroom or terrace wedding with panoramic views, as well as catering with international fine dining options.

Hungary is culturally diverse with stunning architecture and is steeped in history.

Its location in the heart of Central Europe makes traveling easy.

Weddings in Hungary are still better priced than planning a wedding in the United States or in Western Europe.

Experienced and talented vendors and planners can organize and host your event with decades of experience and depth of knowledge.

A wedding in Hungary is also an unforgettable holiday for you and your guests, providing lasting memories.

Hungarian Destinations to Satisfy All Your Wedding Wants and Needs

What is it that you seek in a wedding destination? Hungary has it all. Couples can choose from countless attractions for their wedding in Hungary.

You can have an elegant wedding at the Buda Castle with an incredible view of Budapest. Is your style more rustic? A countryside venue may suit your needs best. Or an outdoor wedding at the sunny lake Balaton.

Is your style more rustic? A countryside venue may suit your needs best. Or an outdoor wedding at the sunny lake Balaton.

Treat Yourself Like a Queen

As a bride, you want to be treated like a queen, even if it’s just for one amazing day.

Budapest offers several palatial, historic buildings. The Secessionist Four Seasons Gresham Palace, along the Danube, features a scenic view of the castle district. The palace is a great venue choice for your wedding reception.

If you plan to have a large number of guests, check out the Neoclassical St. Stephen’s Basilica, the tallest building of Hungary. You and your guests will admire the frescoes, statues, and mosaics, which create a magical backdrop.

Want to feel like a celebrity? The Corinthia Royal Hotel will make you feel like a movie star. The luxury hotel that is one of Europe’s landmark hotels for its opulence and history dating back to 1800s.

Mathias Church is a popular wedding venue and one of the finest churches in Budapest. In its breathtaking interior, you will feel like royalty. You can hire a carriage ride to enjoy the medieval, exotic atmosphere.

Venues With Amazing Views

Other sites for a wedding in Hungary include Gellert Hill, Erzsebeth Lookout, and Vajdahunyad Castle, all of which provide amazing backdrops for your special event.

Gellert Hill is a 140-m high dolomite rock that overlooks the Danube. You can create lasting memories and breathtaking photos by having your ceremony above Budapest at Erzsebeth Lookout.


If you are enchanted by romance, Hungary is filled with picturesque castles, stemming from its rich historical past.

The 100-year-old, Vajdahunyad Castle looks like it fits into a fairy tale as it sits by an artificial lake in the biggest green park called City Park in Budapest.

If you are looking for a large castle, you should consider Buda Castle, which is the largest and richest in Hungary and located at the tip of Castle Hill.

Castle of Eger in the town of Bull’s blood red wine provides a historical museum, restaurants, confectioneries, wineries, and more.

A Tranquil Wedding

Do you seek tranquility and the healing powers of the thermal springs?

Lake of H?v?z, the world’s second-largest thermal lake, will excite you. You and your guests can even take advantage of the healing properties of the hot spring waters, which is the biggest active natural lake in the world.

Looking for an escape at a lake? Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, is another peaceful destination a few miles east of H?v?z, known for its rich wines and fresh waters.

What About the Cuisine?

Hungarian cuisine can satisfy even those who are the pickiest of eaters, as well as those who are more adventurous and curious. Inspired by Germanic, Italian, and Slavic dishes, you and your guests can savor different specialties.

A traditional dish served is goulash, a meat stew with potatoes and vegetables. Also, guests might enjoy a pastoral stew made of meat (beef or chicken gizzards), tomato, paprika, and onions. This dish is served with a side of Hungarian noodles called nokedli.

Fish lovers can select a fisherman’s soup, filled with paprika-spiced broth and thick cuts of river fish.

For dessert, how about a chocolate buttercream-layered sponge cake, topped with crystallized caramel and covered with nuts?

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