Alex and Bryan

Wedding on a Monday evening, September the 9th, 2019? Why not. Ceremony at 9 pm, well we may have seen it before however not many can handle it during pouring rain. The date, the set up, surroundings are pretty mystic but adorable, quite dark already by the time the ladies start getting ready. Certainly the weather is not too gracious but who cares. This cannot ruin the whole wedding day of Alex and Bryan moreover it was even quite inspiring for the entire staff. We love challenges anyway! But how about these unconventional moments? First dance at 4 pm in the afternoon, American guests drinking Unicum (traditional Hungarian liquor, helps digestions, not very flavourful – the wedding planner.) bride making her bridesmaids hairs and make ups, then hers is also ready in 2 minutes. Stress? No way, not even for a single moment! Pinterest pictures styled by the bride? Hell, NO! What’s that? But there has been happiness, love, intimacy, friends from all over who came to celebrate, good fun, great food, enough booze and a supporting family. Yes, this is what all weddings should be about. Thank you Teodora Simon to capture this truly colourful wedding, thank you Brody Villa to host our amazing day!

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