Bianca and Michael

Just like every outdoor wedding, this one too had to start with a little weather anxiety. The Hungarian Meteorology Service predicting a significant amount of rainfall for the exact start time of the ceremony, we had to make a hard choice, get soaked or abandon one of Budapest’s most spectacular views. Luckily, the groom didn’t scare easily and we could proceed with the original set up. The result was a magnificent wedding ceremony and reception without a drop of rain.

Fortune favours the brave they say 🙂

The bride drew inspiration from nothing less than the most recent Royal Wedding. An exceptional team pulled together to make her dream come true with meticulously selected and choreographed floral decor and design, a string quartet, a trumpet player and an opera singer providing heavenly tunes, a professional audio-visual team making sure the lights and sounds were impeccable, a gorgeous venue, a spectacular firework show, and of course some of the best photo- and videographers to capture it all.

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