Nikolett and Michael

November 2, 2018

It was a chilly March morning and I was sipping my coffee when my phone rang. It was Nikolett, a gorgeous girl I knew for years through a good friend of mine, but I did not know Nikolett had my phone number or ever had followed my work on the social media. I could still hear that energy came through the line. 

– Dori, can you believe, I am getting married – she said and she quickly told her past 2 years in 3 seconds. I was honoured and thrilled to help making Niki’s dream come true as I knew it was going to be something special and something unconventional. I love these challenges when we can think out of the box and when we can create something unique, extraordinary that truly represent the personality of the couple. 

Niki did not leave too much time for the planning which I think was great. I believe if brides are flexible in the dates then 2-3 months is more than enough to plan a perfect wedding and pull together the event meanwhile couples have less time to go crazy. If you choose well and a full time planner is hired plus couples know what they want, the professionals can do a great job in such a relatively short period of time. And Niki did it so well and I am so proud of her!

We met only twice when Niki and Mike picked the right venue, then another 3 times when we had meal and cake tasting and found out the theme of the design. OMG it was so outstanding, I am sure everybody will remember the asparagus centrepieces, the candleholder butler made of iron or their cabbage cake. The entire design including the cake, the seating or the menu cards were circled around the venue and the aristocratic vegetables which perfectly fitted to the Vajdahunyad Castle Cloister. We only used white lights which reflected back from the walls giving a unique vibe to the whole concept. While Niki was walking down the aisle she felt she found herself on a land of magic. The result was beyond expectation and I will be so thankful to her to the rest of my life for having chosen me as her wedding planner.  

I also owe a special thanks to Szilvia Gyenes and his brother Peter Gyenes for the entire concept and design.