Top 7 Fairytale Wedding Venues Around Budapest

Planning a wedding is one of the most amazing chapters of your life. It’s a time to bask in the love you and your partner have built and to create a special ceremony and celebration to share that love with friends and family.

As precious as the wedding is to you, many of your guests are delighted to share in this moment, too. Why not make it the most memorable wedding it can be and host it in Budapest?

This may sound a little far-fetched, but it’s actually very plausible! Destination weddings are much easier to plan than you’d think. But, if you’re going to come as far as Budapest to say your vows, you need the best venue in which to do so.

Here are all the top Budapest wedding venues to choose from!

1. A Boat Cruise

Budapest boat cruises are famous all around the world.

Many people come from far and wide to have dinner on the Danube as they take in the sights of the city all around them. The Danube runs through the center of the city, which used to be known separately as “Buda” and “Pest.”

Today, you and yours can explore it all with all your loved ones by your side! Of all the Budapest wedding venues, this is arguably the most intimate and unique to the city.

Boat cruises can host anywhere from 50-500 people, treating them to dinner, drinks, dancing, and of course, beautiful sights. This the perfect post-ceremony venue, or a great way to kick off your Budapest wedding weekend as your guests arrive.

2. Buda’s Castle – Lion’s Court

Every bride feels like royalty on her wedding day – but only a few get to actually host this event in a setting that’s fit for royalty. Introducing the Buda Castle.

This location is a must-see destination for tourists that come to Budapest, a favorite local landmark, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It can also be where you have the wedding of your dreams.

The Lion’s Court at Buda Castle is an outdoor setting that is sure to make your jaw drop. It’s 4,000 square meters, able to hold anywhere from 100-500 guests comfortably.

Your guests will be surrounded by entrances to the National Library, History Musem, and National Gallery. It’s a courtyard meant for all that on your wedding day becomes a beautiful, elegant location.

3. Wenckheim Palace

For a sense of sophistication and a bit more intimacy, opt for Wenckheim Palace. Not only will this setting make you feel like a queen, but the palace’s Golden Ballroom is perfectly suited for wedding parties of 90-150 people.

This location was built in the final years of the 19th century and has been a treasured spot of Budapest ever since. Its lovely white walls with gold detailing, breathtaking chandeliers, and overall outstanding architecture make it one of the best Budapest wedding venues for smaller wedding parties.

4. Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion is another one of Budapest’s well-known, treasured locations.

Sitting at the top of the “Buda” side of the two ancient cities, the Bastion overlooks the Dunabe and practically all of “Pest.” It’s nested in the castle district, and the sights are absolutely stunning.

Treating yourself and your loved ones to one of the top Budapest wedding venues is not going to disappoint at such a lovely location. You can rent out the entire Knight’s Room of the well-known restaurant on the terrace. Or, host your ceremony on the terrace itself.

5. Lake Balaton

For a bit of a more personal feel just outside the city, head to Lake Balaton – only 92 kilometers away.

Here, you can escape the buzzing city streets and relax in the serenity of the lake shore. Bring all your guests along and house them in the 18 private room and surrounding guesthouses.

When the time to tie the knot comes, you’ll have the lake to yourself for everyone to celebrate, dance, eat and drink. Meanwhile, the sights of the water, the sunset and night sky, and all the beautiful, natural decor are sure to take your breath away.

6. Marriott Hotel Downtown

Heading back to the city, there are some lovely Budapest wedding venues awaiting on the “Pest” side. Hotel weddings may not be what you first think of when you come all the way to Budapest, but the Marriott definitely surpasses expectations.

It sits right on the edge of the Dunabe, allowing you to admire all the historical sights and imperial buildings from below (the “Buda” side is known for being hilly, and therefore a bit higher than “Pest”).

Meanwhile, all your wedding guests are having the time of their life in the hotel’s ballroom and on the terrace. The Marriott gives you the option to host an intimate wedding party of 30-50, or to invite everyone and have up to 350 people attend.

No matter the amount of people there, though, the luxury is a certain standard that’s hard to come by. This hotel is the only 5-star accommodation on the Danube with a private terrace to take in the city’s sights in peace.

Host your ceremony outside then bring the party into the ballroom, or make this your second location for celebrations only, after saying your vows at the Fisherman’s Bastion or another prime Budapest location.

7. Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel is located just down the street from the Marriot.

Here, you get a taste of traditional Budapest architecture and history, with a modern feel for ultimate comfort. Not to mention, there are actually three Budapest wedding venues tucked away in this amazing hotel.

Choose between the Zrinyi Passage, the Andrassy Room, or the Winter Garden – each suitable for a specific amount of guests. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of the Four Seasons’ options.

Take Your Pick of the Best Budapest Wedding Venues

Already dreaming of Budapest’s best sights and exploring the city streets?

First things first, you have to pick your wedding venue and get to planning! This ensures everything is reserved well in advance before your big day. Then, you can do all the adventuring you’d like once you arrive.

For help choosing a venue and getting it reserved, contact us today.

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