Creating the Perfect Budapest Wedding Experience

February 19, 2018

Does the idea of a romantic, unique and fairytale-like European wedding appeal to you and your fiance?

There are dozens of benefits to hosting a destination wedding, many of which directly help the bride and groom have their perfect wedding.

Its commonly thought that destination weddings are more expensive than their close to home alternatives, especially in Europe.

However, this is not the case in most circumstances, and destination weddings can be more affordable or comparable to domestic options.

Additionally, if the historic and luxe atmosphere that is Europe suits you, Hungary is a more affordable country to wed without sacrificing this stunning ambiance.

A Budapest wedding can capture the exact magnificence of a fairytale, and the story is all yours.

Creating the perfect Budapest wedding experience is especially easy in this dazzling country.

Here are a few reasons this destination is so special for blossoming couples.

Pick the Perfect Venue

Budapest boasts several first-class venues for couples of all backgrounds and preferences.

There are over fifteen castles in the city alone, with others in the surrounding countryside.

One of the most beautiful and exclusive is Buda Castle, which offers guests breathtaking views of the Danube river and the Chain Bridge.

Other perfect options include Pronay Castle, Wenckheim Palace, and Nadasdy Castle.

A Budapest wedding venue can be carefully selected based on the theme, from rustic to luxury to outdoor, this destination can offer it all.

Indulge in the Best Food

Hungarians have an extremely passionate food culture. This fairs well since one of the main things guests will remember about your wedding is the food.

Incorporating aspects of the traditional Hungarian feast at your Budapest wedding is perfect in this destination.

Traditional Hungarian dishes include a variety of stews and soups, such as Lecso a vegetable stew made with peppers, tomatoes and onions, as well as Fisherman’s Soup, a soup with river fish and paprika.

This leads to another point: Hungarian love paprika. This spice was actually once believed to have magical powers, and consuming it during the wedding feast is said to give the couple good luck.

Other dishes to consider for your Hungarian wedding feast could include stuffed cabbage, goulash, meat stew, stuffed pepper, crescent bread, fried cheese, and more.

This is an indulgent food culture perfect for your wedding. Don’t worry there are also dozens of dessert options for you, from cakes to pastries to more unique dishes.

For your wedding cake, you have quite a few options to choose from. A Dobos cake is one perfect one, and it is made with chocolate buttercream and sponge cake, then topped crystallized caramel and covered on the edges with nuts.

Regardless of your background, a Budapest wedding allows you and your guests to explore an entirely new cuisine, in a beautiful location.

Embrace Hungarian Traditions

There a number of Hungarian traditions that you can incorporate into a Budapest wedding.

Traditionally, the best man of the groom would invite each guest in-person, and play a big role in organizing this three-day event.

The bride would usually wear a carefully embroidered gown, as well as a headpiece made of wheat to symbolize fertility.

Perhaps one humourous addition is the “kidnapping” of the bride, in which the groom would then have to “save” her. This tradition is very adaptable based on the preferences of the couple.

At the reception, tradition includes dancing, singing, reciting poems, and telling funny stories of the couple.

Choose the Date Carefully

The most popular times to have a wedding in Budapest in September and October, as the weather tends to be cooler during these months.

As well, tourist season begins to slow down after the summer months, allowing the couple and guests to enjoy the city more.

Research the Ideal Theme

There are tons of different wedding themes to choose from, and Budapest can withstand them all.

It all boils down to what your individual preferences are. No matter the theme, it is still important to identify one or two that you like.

This will help you narrow down a venue, florist, caterer, and other details of the wedding. It is especially important for decorations, as you can easily channel a theme with those decorations.

Not sure where to start in picking a theme? The best place to begin is with a color scheme, slowly moving on to the internet for inspiration.

Maximize the Honeymoon

Hungary is in the perfect place for a life-changing honeymoon. Located in central Europe, you can quickly fly almost anywhere on the continent at a reasonable rate.

In a few short hours, you could be in the Italian countryside enjoying Tuscan wine and sunshine.

Budapest is also fairly close to Greece, making a Greecian island cruise a perfect option, especially if you’ve always had Sanitori as a dream destination.

Moreover, you could choose to stay in Hungary for your honeymoon, as this country and city have much to offer to newly-weds.

Determine a Wedding Budget

In planning your wedding, one of the first steps is to establish a wedding budget. This can help you figure out everything else that comes with the planning process.

As well, a wedding budget will help you narrow down venues and other options. It is also a good idea to consider the honeymoon as part of this planning stage.

A smaller wedding can help offset the expense, and often times destination weddings encourage smaller weddings.

Usually, only your closest family members and friends will fly a few thousand miles to see you and your sweetie say “I do”.

Consider a Budapest-based Wedding Planner

After determining that you’d like to have your wedding in Budapest, it is important to consider hiring a Hungarian wedding planner to help you in your journey.

Wedding planners can help you plot out the little details, manage your time, and decrease your stress levels.

Additionally, a Budapest-based planner will have years of experience in the industry, giving them first-hand expertise and connections that other wedding planners will not have.

Your Perfect Budapest Wedding

At Budapest Wedding, we strive to provide you your fairytale wedding. We are the biggest agency in Hungary, specializing in full-service wedding planning.

From concept to decor to design, we can truly do it all, while involving you in the entire process.

Please contact us today for more information about having a wedding in Budapest, and check out our gallery for inspiration.